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  Lost Scene -
                  La Fleur
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"Let My People Come, Off-Broadway Revival"
- Playbill

"Prior to this season, she had never auditioned for "Lost," but she did so well with her character that another part was rewritten so that McGivern could return for additional episodes..."
- The Honolulu Advertiser

- Lostpedia Interview

"Id also love to highlight Molly McGivern for her absolutely f****ing awesome performance as Columbia it might be my favourite one. Ever."
Bloody Underrated
"... Rather is was people like Molly McGivern, who studied here once and has returned from her native Hawaii, impressing the writers with her multi-instrumental talents, dance steps, and vocals. "
Three and Ten
You never have to tell her something twice. She always remembers it and implements it. That's the sort of actor a director dreams of working with.' "
Hawaii Island Journal
"Audrey (played with sweet Brooklyn naivety by Molly A.K. McGivern)... truly excels in 'Somewhere That's Green,'... McGivern showcases her sharp singing and acting skills wonderfully..."
- West Hawaii Today


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