“Pharms” A super-straight pharmacist and his
reefer-smoking sister converge worlds in a redemption story where big pharma meets holisticism in post-millennial San Francisco.
“Pharms” is a fully conceived psychedelic dramedy series. Currently, a short film based on the pilot is in post-production.

“Star Catchers” Join the wise and gentle Pallas as she helps young Vesta on her journey to different stars in the galaxy. With your help, With audienceʼS help, Vesta might overcome the obstacle of facing her mistakes and in turn, gain much more… An interactive choose-your-own-adventure play
originally directed at the Montreal Centaur Theatre.

“High Feather Wars” As 19th century industrialized Buffalo joins the sweeping “hysteria” craze, Estella must navigate the realms of medicine, magic and sexuality.
“High Feather Wars” is a provocative feature drama string together elements of music, historical events, suspense and surrealism.

“Subliminal Implications” When strangers wait in a doctorʼs office, some tune out while others tune in ̶ maybe a little too much. A surrealist one-act comedy where charactersʼ thoughts play characters of their own. Awarded “Best Play” at the Aloha Performing Arts Original Play Festival.

“The Call” We might be much closer related
to nature than we thought…

“The Call” is a short film that was won “Best Film” and “Most Creative” at the Montreal Fringe Film Festival.

“Reverie” Lily meets a sleep fairy who teaches her how to express herself by practicing in dreams, through adventures – and lots of flying!

An interactive musical play for children originally directed at the Montreal Centaur Theatre.

“Give Black Hills Back” When a teenagerʼs poetic quest enters a dream-like parallel universe, he risks losing everything as long as he dwells on the past.

In collaboration with Jérôme Mariaud de Serre, from giant sand sculptures to ghostly battles, this kaleidoscopic coming of age feature heralds young love, nostalgia, and the call for freedom.


“At the Stairway” When a secret becomes a great responsibility, three friends potentially change their lives for better or worse.
“At the Stairway” is a short Sci-Fi film akin to the series, “Amazing Stories”

“Sun Stars” Twin Sun Stars leave their fading sun to help a troubled Lakota teenager find his own light and restore the sun’s life.

In collaboration with David Espinoza. This 360° Sci-Fi narrative with DIY silent-film-era flare is a subtle tribute to film history as well as our own. For all audience types.


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