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Download the Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin by MichaelF on March 29, 2007 05:08PM

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Download Now

You must close all other browser windows before installing. 

File size: 302K

  • Windows XP SP2 (x86)
  • Windows XP SP2 (x64)
  • Windows Vista (x86)
  • Windows Vista (x64)

Browsers: Firefox

Date Posted: 4/13/2007

Installation Instructions

  1. Installation of the Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin may require administrative access to your PC. It is recommended that you close all other open browser windows before continuing with the installation.
  2. Click the Install button to automatically download and install the Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin.
  3. Depending on your security settings, you may see a Security Warning dialog box. Click Install to install the plugin.

Get answers about Windows Media, Media Player 11 and Windows Vista at Microsoft.com.

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  1. danieli said:

    Here’s where we used to be when it came to interoperability. 1980 was the best of times and it was the

    posted at 02:04 04/14/2007
  2. Port 25 said:

    I am very proud to announce that we have released another official Microsoft plug-in. It shows another level of interoperability and eagerness in working with the Community to get this released...

    posted at 04:50PM 04/16/2007
  3. E' stato reso disponibile il plugin che permette di ospitare il controllo di Windows Media Player all'interno

    posted at 06:01PM 04/16/2007
  4. Have you been itching to enjoy your media content on Firefox? The Windows Media Player team put a lot

    posted at 06:52PM 04/16/2007
  5. OPC Diary said:

    Port 25 : Windows Media Player Firefox P...

    posted at 08:39PM 04/16/2007
  6. Windows Media Player on Firefox(Windows Vista Team Blog)より Firefox 用 Windows Media Player のプラグイン が公開されています。

    posted at 08:49PM 04/16/2007
  7. moshjahan said:

    The Windows Media Player Plugin for Firefox has been released.&amp;nbsp; Hoorah!If like me you hate that Windows Media content is not seamlessly handled in Firefox you'll want to install this plugin.Download WMP Plugin for Firefox

    posted at 09:07PM 04/16/2007
  8. The cross-platform wizarts at Port 25 (the team at Microsoft that works on interoperability with Linux,

    posted at 01:09 04/17/2007
  9. BabbaBlog said:

    posted at 03:21 04/17/2007
  10. Scheinbar gab es Probleme mit dem Media Player Plugin f&uuml;r den Firefox unter Windows Vista. Deswegen hat Microsoft eine neue Version des Plugins ver&ouml;ffentlicht, das auch mit Windows Vista kompatibel ist. Es steht als kostenloser Download zur

    posted at 02:27PM 04/17/2007
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