Molly McGivern




 Theatre and

   Musical Theatre Vocals                            

"Somewhere That's Green"
(Live Performance) from "Little Shop of Horrors"
written by Howard Ashman (lyrics)
and Alan Menkin (music)

Audrey performed by Molly McGivern

"Daisy and the Wonder Weeds" an original musical
written by Jean Elliott Manning
Daisy performed by Molly McGivern


"Liliom" demo by Nick Carpenter
violin: Molly McGivern

"Nature" from "Waikiki Nei"
composed by John Signor and Michel Cusson
 violin: Molly McGivern

"I Compose" by Lunenberg
violin arranged by Molly McGivern

"Spirit, Will I See You" by Molly Sweeney
violin arranged by Molly McGivern
cello arranged by Rebecca Foon
bass arranged by Miles Perkin

  Vocals and Arrangements                       

"Sometimes" by My Bloody Valentine
cover arranged and performed by Molly McGivern

"Secretwave" by Niu (Molly McGivern and Scott Philip)
lyrics and vocals: Molly McGivern


"Wish You Weren't So Far Away"
written by Ron Flemming
vocals and violin: Molly McGivern
guitar and back-up vocals: Ron Flemming


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